Ocean Science Symposium

Join ONC For The 5th Annual Ocean Science Symposium

On April 28th and 29th, 2017, students and teachers in grades 8 through 10 with a keen interest in marine science and technology are invited to attend the symposium to learn about the diverse field of ocean science and get excited about possible future studies and career opportunities.

Based at the University of Victoria, attendees will explore the ocean through the lens of biology, chemistry, physics, geology, geography, engineering, and place-based Indigenous knowledge and gain an understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of the ocean and its importance to local peoples. Through engagement with graduate students, experienced scientists and expert oceanographers students begin to discover the unique world beneath the waves.

Educators are encouraged to participate! The fun and learning is not just for students, as teachers gain valuable information on how to bring ocean science and technology into classroom, come away with a series of lessons, and have an opportunity to network with ocean scientists and other educators from across the province. NOTE: A teacher (or a guardian) must accompany students at the event. 

The line up of presenters and activities for the 5th Annual Ocean Science Symposium is exciting - from learning about science through art to marine conservation - come prepared for two full days of engaging activities. To view highlights from the event, please visit our Twitter Moment page.

Previous Symposia

The first Ocean Science Symposium occurred in 2012, bringing together 40 high school students from around Vancouver Island. In 2013, the first educators’ workshop was also added to the event, running alongside the student activities.

The main goals of the Ocean Science Symposium have remained the same:

  • Reach out to talented youth and help them develop their interests and abilities in science and engineering;
  • Assist students in post-secondary options and career explorations by revealing opportunities in the field of marine sciences and technology;
  • Demonstrate the vital role of all disciplines in the field of marine science and technology;
  • Provide an opportunity for students to attend a prestigious event and demonstrate their aptitude for scientific studies;
  • Offer a platform for graduate students to share their knowledge and learn how to effectively communicate their science to a younger audience; and
  • Offer teachers the opportunity to learn new ways to motivate students and increase knowledge about current ocean research.

In previous years participants were wowed by multi-touch tables (like giant iPads) within a Geography Department visualization lab that allowed them to explore beneath the waves using Google Oceans while completing a scavenger hunt designed by graduate students. UVic engineering students showcased their projects in a lab used for designing and building Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). In 2013, the geology discussion was led by the Internation Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) and featured hands-on activities using core samples taken from the bottom of the ocean. The fun (and learning) didn’t stop there! Conversations and demos about 3D data visualizations, ocean acidification, the food chain, earthquakes and wave-powered turbines kept attendees buzzing with excitement.

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 “It was incredible! I learned more things than expected and it gave me a clear vision in what field I’m interested in”
- Elizabeth, student

“Inspiring and exposed the diversity of disciplines that science can contain- encouraged my passion”
- Caroline, student

“I finally have a name for the thing I always wanted to do”
- Student quote, sent in by an educator