Middle Valley Workshop 2011

The NEPTUNE observatory currently has 5 operating and instrumented nodes on its undersea network with a 6th site, at Middle Valley on the Juan de Fuca Ridge, ready for installation of a node module. The goals of the workshop were to review known and emerging research opportunities at Middle Valley and to develop a phased instrumentation plan that could be implemented once connectivity was available at the site.


  1. Identify the scientific interests for a future Middle Valley node

    • Review 2004 hydrothermal systems proposal for Middle Valley experiments

    • Presentations and discussion by workshop participants on future research questions for the area

      • Borehole studies of ocean crust hydrology

      • Regional tectonics/seismicity

      • Hydrothermal vent biology and water column studies

  2. Review connectivity and installation options

  3. Develop priorities and implementation plans 

Workshop Report