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Evidence-Based Decision Making

The state of the ocean is an important indicator of the overall health of the planet. The ocean off of Canada’s coast and the Arctic represents the entire range of marine environments found in every ocean system on the planet. This makes Ocean Networks Canada’s data relevant to a global market.

An in-depth review of the 2016 CCGS John P. Tully maintenance cruise.

A Tenth Anniversary Inshore Maintenance Cruise

The experiment includes three packages: one contained three rib sections of a humpback whale (stranded in Alaska several years back); another contained a block of Douglas Fir; and a third contained a large piece of carbonate collected from a methane seep located off the coast of California. 

Whalebone Experiment in a Minimum Oxygen Zone

The Internet-Connected Ocean

Ocean Networks Canada monitors key regions off the west coast of Canada and in the Arctic—continuously gathering data in realtime for scientific research to help communities, government, and industry make informed decisions about our future.

System Status

  •   Database
  •   Data Acquisition
  •   Oceans 2.0

During our annual Expedition 2016: Wiring the Abyss (10 May – 26 June) we anticipate occasional outages in the current data streams while we repair and expand the observatory.

The power feed equipment for the NEPTUNE Observatory was shut down for maintenance on 30 May. The power feed equipment repairs have been completed and the NEPTUNE Observatory is back online.  

Building a Smarter Ocean

Smart Ocean Systems™ commercializes Ocean Networks Canada’s innovative technologies for the benefit of Canada and the world. Cabled observatories, remote control systems, interactive sensors combined with big data management enables evidence-based decision making on ocean management, disaster mitigation, and environmental protection.

West Coast Tsunami Model

Ocean Networks Canada’s preliminary tsunami models for Barkley Sound and the City of Port Alberni were integrated into Emergency Management BC’s first ever full-scale earthquake and tsunami response exercise: Exercise Coastal Response in Port Alberni June 7 - 10.

Tsunami Models Used for Preparedness Exercise in Port Alberni

Kelly Carignan and Matthew Love introduce their Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of US coastal regions. DEMs are a vital tool in tsunami forecasting and water level inundation modelling.

A Canadian First: NOAA brings tsunami Digital Elevation Model training to Victoria, BC

Big Data. Big Solutions.

Long term, continous scientific data from the ocean environment are gathered by Ocean Networks Canada and made available through Oceans 2.0—a powerful online data management system. Oceans 2.0, combined with high-performance computing allows us to manage, mine, analyze and visualize these data to provide ocean analytics for researchers, communities, industry, and policy-makers to make evidence-based decisions in Canada and globally.

Earthquake Data



Ocean Networks Canada seafloor and land-based sensors recorded a magnitude 4.8 earthquake in the Strait of Georgia, just before midnight on 29 December.​

South coast communities feel the shake!

ONC staff visit Prince Rupert for the 38th annual Seafest.

Ocean Networks Canada Attends the 38th Annual Prince Rupert Seafest

The first leg of Ocean Networks Canada’s 2016 offshore Wiring the Abyss expedition was a landmark success, a fitting tribute to the organization’s tenth anniversary. Round-the-clock ship operations were conducted at four of the five NEPTUNE node locations aboard the exploration vessel E/V Nautilus. The C/S Wave Venture conducted joint cable operations with the Nautilus from 12-27 May at three node locations. Both ships mobilized at the Victoria Ogden Point facility.

Wiring the Abyss 2016 Leg 1 - Summary and Highlights



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12 to 26 Jun 2016, (All day) - (All day) Watch Live! Expedition 2016: Wiring The Abyss
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