Brentwood College School

Educational Partner
Collaborating Institution

Brentwood College School is a college preparatory boarding school located in Mill Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The school focuses on academics, athletics and arts in a unique tripartite curriculum.

This school is collaborating with the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of Victoria to host a data collection station that remotely senses a range of environmental factors and made available to via the Ocean Networks Canada Oceans 2.0 web application to Brentwood students for analysis. Cameras and hydrophones allow students to view and listen in to the ocean fauna. The monitoring project forms part of CANARIE - Canada's Advanced Research and Innovation Network. It also links to the NEPTUNE and VENUS projects that are currently gathering data from the deep on both coasts of Vancouver Island.  In addition, Brentwood students use their own data gathering devices (with a portable data logger known as a LabQuest) to provide information on the changing salinity, temperature and nutrient levels within the Mill Stream estuary.