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Allan Rempel

User Support Specialist, User Services

Allan joined ONC to complete the development, documentation, and user testing of the
Oceans 2.0 API and Client Libraries, which provide public access to ONC’s 500 TB data archive. He has a broad software development background with nearly 15 years of industry experience working on satellite in-orbit testing systems, artificial intelligence frameworks, animation digital asset management, 3D interactive graphics tools, and web/mobile informatics systems. He led the development of the largest data archiving project at Walt Disney Feature Animation and has screen credit on Disney’s “Dinosaur” and “Treasure Planet”. Most recently he led the development of marine-hardened computing systems for electronic monitoring of commercial fisheries at Archipelago Marine Research.

Allan holds PhD and MSc degrees in Computer Science from UBC as well as BSc and BComm degrees from the University of Saskatchewan. His early research interests were in artificial intelligence and cognitive science, but then migrated to computer graphics with a focus on high dynamic range (HDR) image processing, human visual perception, human factors studies, and information visualization. His PhD research established guidelines to provide better viewing experiences in the development of new generations of HDR displays. He also developed and holds patents for algorithms for enhancing legacy images and video content for HDR displays and adapted them in collaboration with Dolby Laboratories.

On the side Allan is an instrument-rated commercial pilot and flight instructor and enjoys flying with friends to places that are far easier and more economical to reach by Cessna than by ferry. He volunteers with the Civil Air Search And Rescue Association (CASARA) and flies cancer patients from remote locations to their treatments in Vancouver and Victoria with Angel Flight.


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