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Joseph Farrugia

Junior Staff Scientist, Science Services

Joseph is originally from Toronto, Ontario, and joins us after completing his Masters in Geophysics at Western University in London, Ontario, specializing in seismology. His M.Sc. thesis provided shear-wave velocity depth profiles, estimates of the average shear-wave velocity in the upper 30 meters, National Building Code of Canada site classifications, and estimates for frequency and amplitude of maximum amplification for seismic station sites in Alberta. He developed empirical earthquake site amplification models for the Alberta province based on sediment thickness and surficial geology. His research comprises the first public-domain earthquake site assessments in Alberta, Canada.

Joseph brings with him a wide range of experience, including working as a seismic station deployment technician for the Alberta Energy Regulator and Natural Resources Canada in terrestrial settings such as British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec; a seismic data analyst and interpreter for Husky Energy in Calgary, Alberta; and as a reconnaissance field-mapping geologist for AuRico Gold in Matachewan, Ontario. In his Masters, Joseph led and organized a two-week long site characterization field campaign in Alberta, Canada, and visited over 30 seismic stations in the province to collect active and passive source surface-wave recordings. Joseph is excited to continue, and in some ways begin, his young career in geophysics and seismology at Ocean Networks Canada.

Joseph is new to Vancouver Island, but enjoys being outdoors, hiking, snowboarding, camping and discovering local cafes and breweries.


Farrugia, J.J., G.M. Atkinson, and S. Molnar (2017). Validation of 1D Earthquake Site Characterization Methods with Observed Earthquake Site Amplification in Alberta, Canada, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 108 (1): 291-308.

Farrugia, J.J., S. Molnar, and G.M. Atkinson (2017). Noninvasive Techniques for Site Characterization of Albert Seismic Stations Based on Shear-Wave Velocity, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 107 (6): 2885-2902.


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