Wiring the Abyss

Inshore Expedition 5 - 10 October

During the six-day expedition in the Strait of Georgia and Saanich Inlet, a team from Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) maintained, installed and improved instrumentation on the cabled ocean observing systems.

Highlights include: upgrades to the Delta Dynamics Platform at the mouth of the Fraser River that is helping understand underwater landslides; and upgrades to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority's Underwater Listening Station, used to monitor underwater vessel noise.

This joint expedition was led by ONC and Natural Resources Canada using the Canadian Coast Guard Vessel John P. Tully and ITB's remotely operated vehicle Oceanic ExplorerLearn more about the expedition.


Wiring the Abyss, May – June 2016

ONC completed its most challenging expedition in its 10-year history of collecting ocean data. This year’s two-month expedition off the west coast of Canada involved three ships, three remotely operated vehicles, and around-the-clock operations. The team of scientists, engineers and educators on board interacted via live-stream video during dives and engaging scientists and ocean lovers from around the world via the Twitter hashtag #ONCabyss. For more information check out this article.

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Wiring the Abyss, August – September 2015

ONC’s most complex maintenance expedition to date involved three ships and two remotely operated vehicles. E/V Nautilus, R/V Thompson and the cable ship Wave Venture visited eight observatory sites off the west coast of Canada. Meantime, far to the north, ONC’s third annual Arctic expedition deployed a new and expanded community observatory at Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.

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Wiring the Abyss, September 2014

Diver in Cambridge Bay and Remotely Operated Vehicle in the Salish Sea.

Two expeditions took place simultaneously, in British Columbia's Salish Sea and the Canadian Arctic. The Salish Sea expedition sailed aboard CCGS John P. Tully, servicing VENUS observatory sites in the Strait of Georgia. The Arctic expedition serviced ONC's community observatory located in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.

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Wiring the Abyss, May 2014

CCGS Tully

 This expedition aboard the CCGS John P. Tully serviced the NEPTUNE observatory sites in the northeast Pacific.

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​Wiring the Abyss, March 2014

Platform recovery

This expedition aboard CCGS John P. Tully serviced the VENUS observatory sites in the Salish Sea and Saanich Inlet.

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Wiring the Abyss 2013

Brisingid "Sea Star"Five expeditions aboard CCGS John P. Tully, JOIDES Resolution, R/V Thompson, R/V Falkor and CCGS Vector suported observatory maintenance and scientific discovery in the Salish Sea and the northeast Pacific Ocean.

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Wiring the Abyss 2012

Wiring the Abyss 2012Two expeditions, 27 May to 28 June, and 23 September to 10 October, took place off the west coast of Vancouver Island, B.C.

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NEPTUNE expeditions 2009-2011

Cable spool​The NEPTUNE observatory's initial installations occurred between July and September 2009. Subsequent maintenance expeditions took place in May 2010, September - October 2010, July 2011 and September 2011.

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