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6 December |

Biodiversity surprises at bubbly deep-sea cold seeps along Cascadia fault

6 December | WhaTech

Research delivers insight into the marine big data market

5 December | The Edition Truth

Marine big data market: Technological advancements in marine sector push demand for marine big data

4 December | Douglas Magazine

Ocean Networks Canada's CEO Dr. Kate Moran talks climate change, acidification and changing coastlines

1 December | CBC Radio-Canada

Cette faille qui pose un risque de séismes sur la côte ouest

26 November | Victoria Times Colonist

When every second counts

21 November | The Tyee

Oceans are the new front line in the fight against climate change

21 November | Globe and Mail

Earthquake warning systems: Getting a bead on the Big One

20 November | Vancouver Sun

Port of Vancouver’s ECHO program dedicated to protecting marine life

13 November | CBC News “Power & Politics”

‘We have unleashed a mass extinction event’

10 November | Eos Earth and Space Science News

Sounding the black smoker plumes

9 November | Aftonbladet (Swedish)

Här är havsmysteriet som förbryllar forskarna (pyrsomes video)

9 November |

Technologies shine spotlight on climate role of undersea canyons

8 November | Ocean News & Technology

A worldwide survey of recent ocean observatory activities: 2017 update

8 November | UVic Ring

Federal investment in ONC enhances coastal monitoring

8 November | UVic Ring

Technologies shine spotlight on climate role of undersea canyons

5 November | Victoria Times Colonist

BBC series to feature footage of deep-sea vents off Island

2 November | UVic Martlet

Diving under the surface of UVic’s submarine clubs

1 November | Physics World

20,000 pings under the sea

25 October | Vancouver Sun

Canada C3 expedition visits Saturna Island site of historic 1964 killer whale capture

25 October | Victoria Times Colonist

Scientist goes deep to solve ocean, climate link

24 October | CHEK News

Data shines light on climate role of underseas canyons

24 October | UVic News

Technologies shine spotlight on climate role of undersea canyons

23 October | BBC Radio 4 “Today”

Special “Blue Planet II” show (starts at 2:56:24)

20 October | Victoria Times Colonist

Sensors buy time in event Vancouver Island is hit by tsunami

19 October | UVic Martlet

UVic science funding

18 October | Victoria News

Window to the Salish Sea in place at Cattle Point

14 October | Victoria News

CFI funding (proposed Northern Cascadia observatory)

12 October | UVic News

Innovation grants support UVic research observatories

11 October | Maclean’s 2018 university guide and rankings

University of Victoria profile

11 October | CHEK News

Saving the southern resident killer whales focus of meeting in Vancouver

11 October | Victoria News

UVic receives funds to study southern killer whales

11 October | Vancouver Sun

Vessel noise is reducing ability of killer whales to hunt by about 25 per cent, new research suggests

11 October | CBC News Vancouver

Frustrations mount over dwindling B.C. orca population at DFO symposium

11 October | Metro News Vancouver

Government commits $7.2M for underwater listening in B.C. waters

11 October | National Post

Government announces funds to improve underwater listening in B.C. waters

11 October | CBC News "Power & Politics"

Are we at risk of losing the southern resident killer whale population?

24 September | Victoria Times Colonist

Mexico’s powerful earthquakes deliver lessons for Victoria

21 September | Victoria Times Colonist

New home for Ocean Networks Canada takes shape

21 September | CBC Radio-Canada International

Columbia Británica se prepara para El Terremoto

20 September |  Global BC News

Mexico had an early warning system for its big quake. Vancouver doesn’t yet

20 September |  CTV News

B.C.'s earthquake warning system still 2 years away

20 September |  CBC Radio

Quake warning (starts at 1:37:55)

20 September |  CHEK TV News

Vancouver Island without an earthquake detection system

20 September | CBC Radio-Canada

La Colombie-Britannique se prépare en cas de tremblement de terre

20 September | CBC News

'It was scary really': Mexicans in B.C. anxious in aftermath of earthquake

20 September | Northern View

Rupert port to collaborate with $50.8 million government data program

19 September | Public Radio International

Climate change brings melting ice, and cruise passengers, to a small town in Canada's north

15 September | Chronicle Herald

Critical to raise awareness about underwater noise

14 September | American Journal of Transportation

Don Krusel retires from helm of Port of Prince Rupert

12 September | Victoria News

ShakeZone offers safety tips, resources at UVic

8 September | Victoria News

Quake Cottage tours south Island region

7 September | Scientific Reports

The oceanic biological pump: Rapid carbon transfer to depth at continental margins during winter

5 September | National Observer

Liberals struggling to reverse Harper's cuts to climate science

31 August | BC Local News

North Saanich firm making a splash in ocean research

31 August | Nunatsiaq Online

Diving head first into a sea of Arctic knowledge

30 August | Herald News

Marine conservationist urges better listening skills

27 August | CBC News

Underwater livestream from Arctic Ocean to be Canadian 1st

19 August | Times Colonist

Live-streamed underwater dives will offer watery window on Arctic life

2 August | CBC News North

Canadian military developing surveillance system to monitor Arctic waters

27 July | Hackaday

Telepresence Robot 2000 Leagues Under the Sea

27 June | CTV News

Scientists say Pacific warm water 'blob' is gone – for now

27 June | CHEK News

Pacific Ocean’s ‘blob’ dissipates, according to scientists

25 June | CBC News The National

Dr. Juniper & Dr. Moran interviewed about pyrosomes(10:30 start)

22 June | The Guardian

Millions of mysterious 'sea pickles' swamp US west coast

21 June | Hakai Magazine

Quiet Please, the Fish Are Flirting

21 June | Business Insider

Millions of glowing tropical sea creatures have started to appear in the Pacific Northwest

20 June | Radio Canada International

Canada’s Marine Protected Areas: more scientific input and protection needed

20 June |

Bizarre asexual, glow-in-the-dark sea creatures invade Pacific

18 June | CBC News British Columbia

Millions of tropical sea creatures invade waters off B.C. coast

8 June | Roundhouse Radio with Kirk LaPointe

World Oceans Day interview with Maia Hoeberechts

8 June | CFAX 1070 - The Drive with Mark Brennae

We talk “Citizen Scientists” with Maia Hoeberechts of Oceans Networks Canada

26 May | CBC News

Donald Trump's proposed earthquake early warning budget cut could impact B.C.

25 May | Times Colonist

Feds to protect underwater landscape off Vancouver Island

25 May | CHEK News

Federal government to protect hydrothermal vents and sea floor mountain off Vancouver Island coast

25 April | Northern View

Video: Live data under the sea

6 April | Hakai Magazine

Listen to How Loud the Sea Is

April | Canada's Fundamental Science Review 2017

Investing in Canada's Future: Strengthening the Foundations of Canadian Research

28 March | Marine Technology News

Observatory Upgrade for Ocean Networks Canada

Spring | Canadian Innovation News

Drowning in sound: How homegrown tech is protecting at-risk whales

20 March | Oceanology Magazine

New Frontiers in Ocean Exploration: The E/V Nautilus, NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer, and R/V Falkor 2016 Field Season

20 March | Oceanology Magazine

New Frontiers in Ocean Exploration: The E/V Nautilus, NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer, and R/V Falkor 2016 Field Season

2 March | Nanaimo News Now

Early earthquake warning system in the works for B.C.

23 February |

Warming temperatures could trigger starvation, extinctions in deep oceans

23 February | The Guardian

Deep sea life faces dark future due to warming and food shortage

21 February | The Vancouver Sun

Opinion: ECHO Program takes heed of underwater noise and marine life

3 February | Science Magazine

An ecosystem-based deep-ocean strategy

18 January | Times Colonist

Feds boost plan to relocate UVic's Ocean Networks Canada

11 January | CFAX Radio

The Drive with Mark Brennae: How will Ocean Networks Canada spend a new $46.6 million investment from the Canadian Government

11 January | Roundhouse Radio

Evenings with Kirk Lapointe: Kate Moran, ONC CEO as guest

10 January | Canadian Underwriter Magazine

Research on earthquakes, tsunamis and climate change to benefit from federal investment of $46.6 million to Ocean Networks Canada

9 January | CHEK News

Canada invests $46 million in University of Victoria

9 January | Globe and Mail

Big science receives $328-million boost from Ottawa

9 January | Radio Canada International

Canada gives ocean observatories a multi-million-dollar grant

9 January | The Star

Canada invests $46M in University of Victoria ocean science facility

9 January | Times Colonist

UVic ocean science gets $46M injection

9 January | Saanich News

Canada invests $46 million in University of Victoria ocean science facility



15 December | TV5

Terres d'Explorations Ep 3: Volcans, retour aux Origines

7 December | Nunatsiaq Online

November’s Arctic ice cover dips to new monthly low

November/December | ECO Magazine

Sustainable Development: Submarine cables in the marine environment

8 November | The Star

Orca protection part of $1.5B marine plan, says Liberal MP

8 November | Saanich News

New facilities for Port Hardy, Port Renfrew and Victoria part of Oceans Protection Plan

8 November | CHEK News

Ottawa’s ocean protection plan prompts mixed feelings from some

8 November | CTV News

Ottawa says killer whale protection part of $1.5 billion marine protection plan

8 November | Times Colonist

Ottawa says Orca protection part of $1.5 billion marine protection plan

8 November | Times Colonist

New life boat stations, large-mammal avoidance system for Island waters

3 November | Journal of Ocean Technology

Q&A with Kate Moran

26 October | Chronicle Herald

Fish stocks study available to the public

26 October | National Observer

Canadian fisheries minister ends government’s longstanding secrecy about oceans

26 October | iPolitics

LeBlanc releases key data on fish stocks

20 October | News 1130

Earthquake early warning system closer to completion

20 October | Saanich News

Quake early warning systems slowly taking shape

20 October | Nanaimo Bulletin

Quake early warning systems slowly taking shape

20 October | Maple Ridge News

Quake early warning systems slowly taking shape

19 October | Metro Vancouver

Earthquake detection technology can give Vancouver 90 second warning

12 October | CBC News British Columbia

B.C. not using earthquake warning technology, says engineers

11 October | CBC Radio

Johanna Wagstaffe Podcast: Fault Lines, Episode 1

10 October | Globe and Mail

The ocean economy: Canada could be a global superpower

September | Sea Technology Magazine

Q&A: ONC’s Earthquake Early Warning Sensors

September | Ocean News & Technology

A Worldwide Survey of Recent Ocean Observatory Activities 2016 Update Page 33-34

4 August | The Oregonian

Canada might be able to save us when the massive Cascadia subduction-zone earthquake hits

4 August | Globe and Mail

A groundbreaking effort against 'the big one'

4 August | Globe and Mail

How a massive quake would shake Canada's financial system

August | TsuInfo Alert

New Modeling Integrated into Port Alberni’s Exercise Coastal Response

21 July | CBC News

First B.C. offshore earthquake early warning sensor up and running

17 June | Northern View

Keeping oceans safe on the North Coast

14 June | Times Colonist

Comment: B.C. leading in climate-change initiatives

13 June | Professional Employees Association

A Computer Network on the Ocean Floor

8 June | Port Metro

PortTV: People of the Port - Echo Program

7 June | Douglas Magazine

Ocean Sciences Looks at Climate Change (Web Extra)

5 June | Vancouver Sun

Opinion: Get to know the ocean

4 June | Times Colonist

Monique Keiran: We should look more deeply at the sea

4 June | CBC

What happens when a giant robot meets a little octopus

2 June | Pique

Imagine this: when the Big One hits

20 May | Mail Online

That’s mine! Watch the hilarious moment an octopus plays tug of war with an underwater ROBOT to defend a cable it called home

20 May | Motherboard

These Photos Were Snapped by a Giant Seafloor Observatory Deep in the Pacific

19 May | Motherboard

The Bizarre Link Between the Fort McMurray Fire and a 'Warm Blob' in the Pacific

19 May | Daily Vice

Wiring the Abyss: Ocean Mission Bring Live Video of the Ocean Floor to the World

17 May | VanCity Buzz

Nerd Nite: The Blob! invades Vancouver Aquarium

13 May | CBC Victoria

CBC Interview with ONC's Adrian Round About Laying Deep Sea Cable

CBC Interview with Allison Fundis On the EV Nautilus

10 May | Shaw TV

Ocean Networks May 10 Bridge #1

09 May | CHEK

Ocean Networks Canada to embark on its most challenging expedition

03 May | Pacific Yachting

ONC Celebrates 10 Years With Three New Observatories

09 March | Campbell River Mirror
Marine Observatory on the way

02 March | Radio Canada -  Phare Ouest avec Marie Villeneuve
Un système d'alerte pour les tremblements de terre (7h 22)

02 March | CFAX Radio – the Terry Moore show
$5 million funding to ONC for enhanced earthquake early warning

01 March | CTV BC
New underwater quake sensors could sound early alarm off BC coast 

01 March | National Post
BC bankrolls new ocean floor sensors 

29 February | Global News at 6
BC investing in earthquake early warning systems 

29 February | CBC News Vancouver at 6
 BC provides $5 million to enhance earthquake early warning (at 17:35)

29 February | Province of BC
Supporting seismic science: early warning systems 

12 February | Vancouver Sun
Earthquake detection...? There's an app for that  (Canadian Press)

04 February | The Weather Network
Millions spent on preparation for next Canadian ‘Big One’

02 February | Globe and Mail
BC's earthquake preparedness progressing slowly, expert says  (Canadian Press)

02 February | La Presse
Craignant un séisme majeur, la Colombie-Britannique se prepare  (La Press Canadienne)

23 January | DeSmog blog
The blob disrupts what we think we know about climate change

02 January | Toronto Star
Pacific Blob breaking up

01 January | Douglas Magazine
Local organizations that are changing the world



10 December | The Arctic Journal
A Year on the Ice 

09 December | Vancouver Sun
Opinion: Let's keep the ocean as Earth's protector (Kate Moran)

27 November | Maclean's    
The Interview: What the blob tells us about ocean warming

15 October | Victoria Times Colonist (pdf)
Vic Students Shake Out Earthquake Warning System 

10 October | CFAX Radio 1070
ONC president Kate Moran speaks with Cafe Victoria Host Bruce Williams

15 September | Globe and Mail
Listening station in the Strait of Georgia

27 August |
Deepsea Robots livestream ocean floor landscapes

22 August |
Ocean Explorer Robert Ballard joins ONC Expedition 

21 July  | Victoria Times Colonist 
The secret scientific life of BC Ferries

23 June | Globe and Mail
B.C. ocean observation project useful for oil industry: report

11 June | CBC Radio “On the Island”
World Oceans Day and the blue economy

09 June | CFAX Radio “Terry Moore Show”
Whale sounds from ONC observatories

03 June |
App helps citizen scientists collect ocean data

04 April | The Economist
Wiring the world below

01 March | Victoria Times Colonist
Imagination rules at University of Victoria’s Ideafest – “History meets Science,” “Secrets of Orcas”

01 February | Seaside Magazine
“Ocean Aware” challenge event

18 January | The Canadian Press
Threat of massive earthquake looms over Vancouver Island



21 November | 2014  CBC News
Record North Pacific temperatures threatening B.C. marine species

05 November | Victoria Times Colonist
UVic ocean research team dives into tidal technology

29 October | Livescience
Watching Pig Bodies Decomposing at Sea, for Science!

06 September | CBC Radio: North By Northwest
Reaching Blue: A documentary about the Salish Sea and the changes it faces

18 August | The Atlantic  
Listening In: the Navy is Tracking Ocean Sounds collected by Scientists

10 July | Power-Technology
Fire ice: Canada's Ocean Networks explain the science behind the hype

06 July | Ars Technica
Deep-Sea Streaming: 500-mile NEPTUNE cabling brings Internet to the ocean floor

04 July | National Public Radio (NPR) "Here & Now"
Critter Cams Viewers Becoming Citizen Scientists

05 June | CTV Vancouver Island News (6 pm)
ONC doc "Reaching Blue" debuts in Victoria 

04 June |
Super tough vent camera keeps tabs on undersea aliens

20 May | Times Colonist
Sensors will warn of earthquakes affecting Vancouver Island

15 April | Digital Journal
IBM technology underpins the "smartest coast on the planet"

14 April | Vancouver Sun
Feds give $20-million boost to marine safety in B.C.

14 April | Times Colonist
$20 million flowing to ocean technologies

03 April | Times Colonist
How Chile’s earthquake helps Victoria scientists

02 April | Astrobiology Web
University of Georgia Researchers to Monitor Deep-sea Plumes

31 March | Alberni Valley Times
Revealing the Salish Sea's Secrets

28 March | CHEK TV
Alberni Tsunami (newscast - segment begins 6:00 into the news segment)

14 March | Pacific Yachting
Revealing the Salish Sea's Secrets (2.4 mb pdf)

26 February | CBC On the Coast
The Future of Shellfish off BC's Coast (radio interview)



Oct  19, 2013  Science News Magazine
Deep Network - Real Time Monitoring of the Seafloor Reveals Unexpected Links

Oct  11, 2013  Al Jazeera Canada
Ocean Eyes

Oct  11, 2013  The Globe and Mail
Immodest proposals: Five leaders on what the government’s priorities should be

Sept 23, 2013  CBC News (Radio/TV/Online)
Arctic Research Station Goes Global

Sept 13, 2013  Sea Technology 
VENUS Subsea Cabled Observatory Infrastructure Repaired

Sept 02, 2013  Vancouver Sun
Opinion: Canada’s extensive ocean research can help prevent future oil spill devastation

Aug 26, 2013  Victoria Times Colonist
Undersea observatory reveals whats in the ocean off the coast of Vancouver Ssland

July 18, 2013 Radio Canada Int'l
Unique Canadian effort to monitor ocean activity full time

July 18, 2013 Forensic Magazine
What Pig Carcasses Could Teach Coroners about Human Death

Jun 29, 2013 CBC Radio "Quirks & Quarks"
Bob goes to sea to see some ocean research

Jun 29, 2013 Macleans
99 Reasons why it's better to be Canadian

Summer 2013 British Columbia Magazine
Whale Song

May 10, 2013 Times Colonist
Seafloor drilling tool could unlock mysteries of gas hydrates

May 04, 2013 New Delhi Times of India (Crest Edition)
The Hottest Science Projects

Mar 30, 2013 Alaska Dispatch
'Long periods of open water' expected as the Arctic warms

Mar 29, 2013 Arctic Sounder
Scientists discuss Arctic's new normal

Mar 26, 2013 Marine Link
Undersea Laboratory Cable Array Repaired

Mar 26, 2013 Robotics Tomorrow
OceanWorks and ONC Engineers Return VENUS Coastal Network to Operation

Mar 26, 2013 PRWeb
OceanWorks and ONC Engineers Return VENUS Coastal Network to Operation

Mar 22, 2013 Times Colonist
Crabs hint at vast potential of an untapped fuel

Feb 01, 2013 The Atlantic
The Sea Monster of Donetsk

Jan 30, 2013 Radio Free Europe
Ukrainian Teen's 'Monster' Sighting Leads To Unique Undersea Video

Jan 28, 2013 Yahoo News Canada
Teen marine-biology buff makes discovery via undersea webcam off BC Coast

Jan 28, 2013 CBC BC
Ukrainian teen makes rare discovery on B.C.'s ocean floor

Jan 25, 2013 New Scientist
Hagfish gulped up in first video of deep-sea seal hunt

Jan 26, 2013 Times Colonist
Ukrainian teen solves deep-sea mystery off Vancouver Island

Jan 24, 2013 The Martlet
The Minds Behind UVic’s VENUS and NEPTUNE Projects Launch Arctic Observatory

Jan 08, 2013 EOS
Canada's Cabled Ocean Networks Humming Along

Jan 02, 2013 Times Colonist
Smartphone app aims to track debris from deadly Japanese tsunami

Jan 02, 2013
Seafloor Observatory Reveals Arctic Ocean Environment



Dec 01, 2012 Boulevard
From White House to West Coast: Kate Moran  (p.28-31)

Dec 26, 2012 Alaska Dispatch
Tsunami Debris Smartphone App Developed

Dec 21, 2012 Cowichan News Leader
Help track Japanese trash on your smartphone

Nov 29, 2012 Saanich News
Tracking tsunami debris in the hands of citizens

Nov 29, 2012 Huffington Post
Tsunami Debris Smartphone App Developed

Nov 29, 2012 Times Colonist
Tsunami app helps track where debris washes up

Nov 6, 2012 atGuelph
Under-the-Sea Lab Provides Data for Landlocked Biologists

Oct 5, 2012 Vancouver Sun
Science, engineering help unravel mysteries in Strait of Georgia (with video)

Oct 03, 2012
Government of Canada Invests $32 Million in Ocean Science

Oct 03, 2012
A sea of opportunity

Oct 03, 2012 Times Colonist
Neptune project gets $41.7M boost in government funds

Sept 21, 2012 Coast Reporter
Pelagic fixes problems with platform

Sept 13, 2012 BC Local News
NEPTUNE seeks greater presence in Port Alberni

Aug 16, 2012 PRWeb
OceanWorks International Increases VENUS Ocean Observatory Capability

July 26, 2012 Maclean's
On tsunami forecasts, greenhouse gases from the ocean floor, and living under the sea

May 29, 2012 Metro News
Video: Batman of the deep blue sea

April 19, 2012 Vancouver Sun
The most remarkable place on Earth

Mar 1, 2012 The Guardian
Cruise the NE Pacific with the Ocean Networks Canada Observatory

Mar 1, 2012 Design News
SolidWorks Looks Beyond PLM

Feb 07, 2012 Vancouver Sun
Researchers to measure undersea movements off B.C. coast

Jan 31, 2012 PRWeb
OceanWorks Takes Lead In the Expansion of the VENUS Seafloor Network Project



Dec 29, 2011 PRI's The World
Understanding Noise Pollution in the Oceans

Nov 24, 2011 SubSea World News
Technicians Successfully Complete NEPTUNE Canada’s Underwater Network Repair

Oct 4, 2011 gCaptain
The Ocean Network: Oceanographers enable a high speed connection to the mysteries of the deep sea

Sept 7, 2011 COSMOS Magazine
The Ocean Network

Aug 29, 2011 Marketwire
Minister of State Goodyear Tours NEPTUNE Canada

Jul 31, 2011 SubSea World News
Canada: Neptune Completes Investigation of Their 800-km Cabled Network Along Northern Juan de Fuca Plate

Jul 17, 2011 Popular Science
Big Science: The Universe's Ten Most Epic Projects

Jun 13, 2011 The Ring (UVic)
Trawler damages part of NEPTUNE Canada network

May 23, 2011 FIS Worldnews
Trawler tears off part of underwater observatory

May 9, 2011 OEA News
Vancouver CODAR Seasonde Test Succussful

Apr 7, 2011 The Ring (UVic)
UVic's ocean observatory helps BC prepare for The Big One

Feb 28, 2011 Agence Sciences-Presse
Océans 2.0



Dec 10, 2010 Times Colonist
Shouting over a din of inequity

Dec, 2010 CBC News
Neptune Canada named as one of the top science stories of 2010

Oct 21, 2010
NEPTUNE: Historic Ocean Observatory Completed

Oct 15, 2010
Team completes world-first ocean observatory

Sept 22, 2010 Wired
Ocean observatories: Marine science without the boat

Sept 13, 2010 Science Focus

Sept 10, 2010 Coast Reporter
Sechelt’s Pelagic assists in undersea project

Sept 7, 2010 National Science Foundation
Subseafloor Observatories Installed to Run Dynamic Experiments

Aug 4, 2010 Nature
Harnessing telecoms cables for science

Apr 20, 2010 Nature News
Undersea project delivers data flood

Mar 12, 2010
U.S., Canada Partnership Expands Ocean Research

Mar 4, 2010 BBC
Dead pigs used to investigate 'dead zones'

Feb 25, 2010 National Geographic News
Sharks vs. Pig Carcass: Experiments Surprise Scientists

Feb 16, 2010 CBC Learning
Canada’s Amazing Neptune Project

Feb 10, 2010 Sea Technology Magazine
Long-Term Test of a New Conductivity and Temperature Sensor

Feb 10, 2010 Audobon Magazine
Journey to the Bottom of the Sea

Jan 10, 2010 The Ring (UVic)
NEPTUNE Canada opens window to the underwater world



Dec 14, 2009 Discover Magazine
Fiber-Optic Link Brings Undersea Science Data Onto the Web

Dec 11, 2009 National Geographic News
Most High-Tech Ocean Observatory Opens

Dec 9, 2009 International Science Grid This Week
Feature - Observing oceans online

Dec 8, 2009 Scientific American
The Cyber Sea: World's Largest Internet Undersea Science Station Boots Up

Dec 2, 2009 Mediacaster Magazine
Crowdsourcing Goes Live…from the Pacific Ocean

Nov 12, 2009 Discovery Channel
Daily Planet profiles NEPTUNE Canada (video)

Sept 8, 2009 University Affairs
Research megaproject will soon disclose mysteries of the deep

Aug 26, 2009 Industry Today
New technologies, programs transforming the way we see the oceans.

Jul 23, 2009 Maclean's
The deep sea comes to a computer screen near you

Jul 3, 2009 CTV News
Canada launches live undersea B.C. observatory

Jul 3, 2009 The Globe and Mail
Keeping watch on the planet from the bottom up

Jan 8, 2009 CBC News
Science 2.0: New online tools may revolutionize research



Aug 27, 2007 National Geographic News
New Undersea Cable Will Link Ocean to Internet

Jul 9, 2008 KOMO News
Retracing the steps of the severed feet

Jun 27, 2008 Leader-Post (Regina)
Students journey into the sea

Jun 18, 2008 New Scientist
Forensics ventures beneath the waves

May 25, 2008 Toronto Star
We're on top, down below

Feb 21, 2008 Times Colonist
UVic receives $1 million for tech projects



Nov 15, 2007 The Economist
Visiting Neptune’s kingdom

Nov 8, 2007 Times Colonist
NEPTUNE project will open a window on the ocean floor

Nov 8, 2007 Alberni Valley Times
Neptune Link Now Complete

Aug 27, 2007 National Geographic News
New Undersea Cable Will Link Ocean to Internet

Aug 24, 2007 Radio-Canada
L'Île de Sein entre en scène

Aug 24, 2007 Alberni Valley Times
Project NEPTUNE launched

Aug 24, 2007 Digital Journal
Canadian Project Will Plug Pacific Ocean into the Internet

Jul 27, 2007 BBC News
Exploring the last frontier

Feb 8, 2007 The Ring (UVic)
VENUS team celebrates success of project



Jun 23, 2006 Times Colonist
VENUS ready to reveal images to inquiring minds

Jun 23, 2006
Seafloor observatory opens portal to the Pacific

Feb 8, 2006 The Ring (UVic)
VENUS is in the water!