ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting 2015



As the largest annual Arctic research gathering held in Canada, the Annual Scientific Meeting is the ideal venue to address environmental, social, economical and political challenges and opportunities that are emerging from climate change and modernization in the Arctic.

Over 150 ArcticNet researchers and 1000 graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, research associates, technicians and other specialists from 34 Canadian universities and numerous federal and provincial departments and agencies collaborate on 41 research projects with more than 150 partner organizations from 14 countries.

Ocean Networks Canada at ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting 2015:

Session: Arctic Marine Ecosystems

  • Wednesday, 9 December, 14:30  Room: Cypress 1
  • Speaker: Akash Sastri
  • Title: Interannual variation of high resolution temporal patterns of phytoplankton biomass measured from a coastal cabled observatory in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.
  • Authors: Bui, A.O.V., Sastri, A.R., Marshall, L., Varela, D.E., Dewey, R.K., and Juniper, S.K.

Session: Arctic Monitoring

  • Wednesday, 9 December, 15:45  Room: Mackenzie
  • Speaker: Ryan Flagg
  • Title: Cabled Observatories and Citizen Science for Arctic Communities: Ocean Networks Canada's Cambridge Bay Observatory and "Community Fishers" Projects.
  • Authors: Flagg, R, and McLean, S.

Session: Arctic Monitoring

  • Wednesday, 9 December, 16:00  Room: Mackenzie
  • Speaker: Richard Dewey
  • Title: The Cambridge Bay Ocean Observatory: A Coastal Cabled Laboratory for Real-Time Science.
  • Authors: Dewey, Richard K., Juniper, S.K., Sastri, Akash, R. and Bui, A.O.V.

Session: Kitikmeot Region Ecoystems

  • Friday, 11 December, 08:45   Room: Oak
  • Speaker: Brent Else
  • Title: Emerging efforts to study the marine carbonate system in the southern waterways of the Kitikmeot Region (near Cambridge Bay)
  • Authors: Else, B., Miller, L., Papakyriakou, T., Sastri, A., and Thomas, H.

Session: Kitikmeot Region Ecosystems

  • Friday, 11 December, 09:00  Room: Oak
  • Speaker: Julie-Anne Dorval
  • Title: High Resolution Study of Temporal Variation of Marine Benthos in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut
  • Dorval, Julie-Anne, P. Archambault, A.O.V. Bui, F. De Leo and S.K. Juniper