Photo Sets

  • Annual expeditions performing maintenance and installations in the Strait of Georgia and Saanich Inlet in British Columbia.
  • Annual expeditions performing installations and maintenance to Ocean Networks Canada observatories in the deep abyss off the west coast of BC.
  • Ocean Networks Canada's community observatory in the Arctic.
  • A selection of Ocean Networks Canada's photos of marine life.
  • The ocean floor, hydrothermal vents and other geological features.
  • Equipment and technology used by Ocean Networks Canada.
  • The people & partners behind Ocean Networks Canada.
  • Scientific experiments and other endeavours at Ocean Networks Canada.
  • Education and outreach activities at Ocean Networks Canada.
  • Ships that support Ocean Networks Canada operations at sea.
  • Maps of Ocean Networks Canada's observatories and sites.
  • Charts and Plots

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Marine Life


Instruments & Engineering