Clayoquot Slope Low Frequency Hydrophone


This hydrophone is positioned in Clayoquot Slope (latitude 48°40.2387’ N, longitude 126°50.8832’ W) at a depth of 1258 m.

You can listen to audio recordings and view spectrograms from our active hydrophones in the locations shown on the map at right.The data streams are delivered near real time. This means that you can listen to the most recently recorded hydrophone clips (generally 20-30 minutes old).

How to Listen

  • Press a play button to listen. You may need headphones to hear the audio clearly.
  • Click on a location to go to its live audio page, which includes more details about the instrument and location.
  • Click an image/spectrogram to view it in full resolution.
  • Once the audio has loaded into the player, you can drag the circular button to jump forward/backward in the audio file.

Is it Silent?

Hydrophone recordings are not continually available because they may sometimes contain sensitive data with national security implications. We provide Canadian Forces access to our hydrophone streams, and they are occasionally diverted for their use. Recordings that are deemed low risk are then returned to our archives at a later time, generally within 30 days.