Wiring the Abyss: Leg 2 | E/V Nautilus


Jun 7 to 26, 2017, (All day) - (All day)

Starting 7 June, a team of 48 scientists, engineers, communicators, and crew aboard the exploration vessel Nautilus will conduct around-the-clock operations to maintain and expand instrumentation on Ocean Networks Canada’s cabled observing systems off Canada’s west coast.

During the first week Global Marine’s Cable Innovator, the world’s largest vessel of its kind—specifically designed for laying fibre optic cable—will join the expedition from its base in Victoria, British Columbia. Dual ship operations will repair fibre optic cable at 1200 metres depth to connect instruments and a borehole housing a Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution tiltmeter used to measure tectonic strain along the Cascadia Subduction Zone.
Other highlights include: deployment of additional earthquake early warning sensors; retrieval of ONC’s Internet-connected seafloor crawler Wally for a refit after five years researching gas hydrates at Barkley Canyon; seafloor mapping, and sample collection at all sites. 

Live dive with us! Interact in real-time with the team onboard as two underwater robots, Hercules and Argus, stream live video from the depths of the Pacific.