ASL Environmental Sciences Inc.

Innovation Centre Industry Partner

ASL provides a full range of physical oceanographic consulting services including satellite and air born remote sensing services. ASL manufactures a line of underwater acoustic instruments as well as providing custom instrument design and manufacturing. Their products include: the Ice Profiler- measures ice-keel depths; the Wave Profiler- measures non-directional wave height from the safety of the ocean floor; and the Multi-Frequency Water Column Profiler- monitors the presence and location of zooplankton, fish or sediments.

Their custom instrument projects have included a number of real-time, autonomous systems connected by cable or radio telemetry links to shore. ASL engineering staff develops both the hardware and software for these systems. The company maintains a strong internal research and development program, supporting continuing innovation and improvement in its products and services. ASL also has a large lease pool of oceanographic instruments with related mooring design, deployment services and data processing.