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Science Collaboration & Student Support
Financial support, mentorship and residency programs for visiting scientists, scholars and students.
2023 #ONCabyss Fall Expedition Recap
Story Map: Highlights from 2023 ONC's Fall Expedition
ONC works with partners to deliver ocean literacy programs for K-12, post secondary and citizen science education.
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Transforming ocean science with real-time data, tech innovation & Indigenous partnerships, for ocean sustainability & climate solutions.
2024 Artist-in-Residence Program Call for Proposals
Apply by 22 December 2023.
Ocean Networks Canada's world-leading ocean observatories bring data to the surface, accelerating scientific discovery and delivering solutions that support ocean-and-planet sustainability for future generations.
What We Deliver
Our deep-sea, coastal and land-based observatory infrastructures capture vital continuous data about the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic oceans.
We support Indigenous and coastal communities’ leadership in local ocean monitoring to meet community needs.
Our data dashboards track, analyze and display key metrics from the world’s longest coastline - Canada - attracting more than 32K users.
Our technology enables advances in multidisciplinary research in oceanography, neutrino particle physics, climate impact monitoring, and more.
Our science/industry partnerships make possible services such as early tsunami warnings, safer shipping, and pioneering the safe removal of climate warming carbon dioxide.
Serving all ages from K-12 and post-secondary, our programs, resources and courses developed with Indigenous partners bring ocean science into classrooms and communities.
Our Unique Contribution
ONC’s technical capabilities enable researchers and coastal communities to access instruments remotely and receive data from anywhere on the globe. Data are collected on ocean physics, chemistry, biology and geology, supporting research on complex Earth processes in ways not previously possible. These ocean observatories generate ‘big data’ openly accessible through the Oceans 3.0 data management system.
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ONC encourages active participation in ocean science by communities, scientists, educators, students, industry, and the media.
Connecting local knowledge with ocean science.
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Scientists can browse ONC data for research purposes & connect with our staff scientists for assistance with projects.
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Explore our ocean intelligence maritime products, maps, products and services.
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ONC works with partners to deliver ocean literacy programs for K-12, post secondary and citizen science education.
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October 4, 2023
2024 Artist-in-Residence Program Call for Proposals
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September 8, 2023
ONC’s deep sea observatory supporting ocean-based carbon dioxide removal research
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August 24, 2023
Studying the origins of the universe, under the sea
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August 18, 2023
New summer ocean temperature records set for two sites on ONC's Pacific observatory
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