Ocean Networks Canada seeks advisement at 2 levels:

  • Strategic advice from the International Science Advisory Board, reporting to ONC’s Chief Scientist
  • Tactical advice from the Ocean Observatory Council, reporting to the User Engagement Division.

The Ocean Observatory Council is the result of merging the former NEPTUNE Canada and VENUS ocean observatory facilities under Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) in October, 2013. The new user advisory structure subsumes 3 former committees (VENUS User Advisory Committee, NEPTUNE Canada User Committee, NEPTUNE Canada Science Planning Committee). 

Ocean Observatory Council

The Ocean Observatory Council represents the interests of major ONC science users and includes a formal group of members (below) and a variety of Working Groups, focused on particular topics and locations.

Terms of Reference

Ocean Observatory Council Working Group Page (restricted access)

Council Membership

The Ocean Observatory Council includes 9 members, representing the inshore and offshore research sectors plus representatives from ONC’s two major government partners, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Natural Resources Canada. Benoît Pirenne, ONC Director, User Engagement is an Ex Officio member of the Council. Council communications are facilitated by ONC's User Engagement Officer, Dwight Owens.

Current Members

Roy Hyndman (Chair)
Emeritus Senior Research Scientist, Pacific Geoscience Centre
Geological Survey of Canada
Interests: marine and margin geophysics, earthquakes, gas hydrates
Alexandra Branzan Albu
Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Victoria
Interests: data science, computational processes, computer vision
Stephanie Chang
Professor, School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP) and
Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability (IRES), University of British Columbia
Interests: The socio-economic impact of natural disasters, particularly earthquakes
Charles Hannah
Senior Research Scientist, Physical Oceanography
Fisheries & Oceans Canada
Interests: northern BC coastal monitoring, observation systems including gliders, moorings and drifters
John Hildebrand
Professor, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
University of California
Interests: Underwater acoustics, marine mammals, arctic research, seismology
Paul Myers
Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
University of Alberta
Interests: numerical modelling, Arctic/subarctic dynamics and exchange
Rich Pawlowicz
Professor, Physical Oceanography
University of British Columbia
Interests: coastal processes, physical oceanography, bio/physical coupling
Katleen Robert
Katleen Robert
Assistant Professor, Marine Institute
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Interests: Geochemistry, Chemical Sedimentology, Marine Chemistry
Paul Snelgrove
Research Professor, Canada Research Chair, Boreal and Cold Ocean Systems
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Interests: benthic ecology
Benjamin Tutolo
Assistant Professor, Department of Geoscience
University of Calgary
Interests: Geochemistry, Chemical Sedimentology, Marine Chemistry

Meeting Schedules

Ocean Observatory Council

  • Monthly teleconference meetings with ONC
  • Independent meetings as required
  • Annual meeting with International Science Advisory Board (June)

Working Groups

 Working groups have been established to support collaboration on a wide variety of problem- and location-based topics.