ONC Staff Profile

Eric Guillemot

Associate Director, Software Engineering

Eric joined NEPTUNE Canada in December 2005 as the Senior Web Services Architect and is currently Manager, Software Applications.

Eric graduated from Le Havre University in France with a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering. He spent 2 years working in the Sultanat of Oman as a Seismic Topographer before immigrating to Canada. He received a B. Comp. Sc. (Hon.) from the University of Manitoba. As part of his master's program, he specialised in software engineering, graph theory and theoretical computing.

Eric has more than 20 years experience developing large software projects for both the public and private sectors as project manager, software architect and software engineer. Projects included e-commerce applications, accounting-related packages, computer graphics packages and research projects.

Eric's role with NEPTUNE Canada will be to propose and implement the architecture for the DMAS software. The primary objective is to provide accessibility of the oceanographic data to the international scientific community. The architecture will rely on cutting-edge technology such as Web services, messaging systems, ESB and Workflow Orchestration.



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