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Gibson Porter

Youth Science Ambassador - Nunavut, Corporate Services

Gibson Kelly Porter started his position with Ocean Networks Canada as a Youth Ambassador in January 2019.

Gibson is Inuit, from Gjoa Haven Nunavut (Uqshuqtuuq Nunavut); the first language of Gjoa Haven is Inuktun which Gibson speaks.  Gibson comes from the Porter and Klengenberg families. The Porter family comes form Scotland which is on his father’s side of the family, and the Klengenberg family comes from Denmark-Germany on his mother’s side of family. Gibson did not graduate, but has gone as far as grade 12 and just needs English and Math to graduate. 

Gibson has been part of various programs such as parenting programs, Inuit revitalization programs, and Northern Youth Abroad. He also works full time as a Recreation Coordinator, getting programs for people in his community, keeping sports alive in his community, while also maintaining three buildings in his community - The Qiqirtaq High School Gym, Gjoa Haven Arena, and the Recreation Centre.

In his spare time, Gibson loves to go hunting, and spending time with elders to listen to cultural stories and stories of the past.


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