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Mauricio Carrasquilla

Post-secondary Education Coordinator, Corporate Services

Dr. Mauricio Carrasquilla is part of the Learning and Community Engagement team where he holds a position as a Post-Secondary Education Coordinator since January 2019. His role is to engage and support students and instructors with long-term and real time datasets to explore fascinating and relevant aspects about the ocean.

Before Joining Ocean Networks Canada, Mauricio worked as a Senior Lab Instructor in the Biology department at the University of Victoria where he was responsible for the lab portion of first year biology courses. He also has multiple years of teaching experience as a Teaching Assistant at UVic and as a biology teacher in middle and high school in Colombia.

Mauricio holds a PhD in biology from the University of Victoria, a Master’s Degree in natural resources and environment from the Instituto Politecnico Nacional in Mexico, and a Bsc in marine biology from Jorge Tadeo University in Colombia. His research has focused on understanding the importance of fish habitat in nearshore ecosystems of tropical and temperate systems and the effects of anthropogenic activities on fish habitat and, ultimately, the consequences for small-scale fisheries. To answer these questions, he has used different techniques such as meta-analysis, modeling, field sampling, and Traditional Ecological Knowledge.


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