AML Oceanographic

Innovation Centre Industry Partner

Formerly Applied Microsystems Ltd., AML Oceanographic designs, sells and supports CTD, sound velocity, and environmental instrumentation.  Their customers are located in more than 100 countries and include organizations involved in the fields of hydrography, science and research, offshore construction, and environmental monitoring.  Their tagline - Xchange your old ideas - brings to life our commitment to bring fresh, innovative ideas to our industry.

In 1995, AML Oceanographic pioneered the design of the time-of-flight sound velocity sensor.  Today, they are a vendor of choice for sound velocity measurement for a wide range of marine survey organizations and manufacturers of multi-beam, single-beam, ntrusion detection, and USBL / LBL positioning systems. 

In March of 2008, they launched the market's first field swappable sound velocity sensor.  SV•Xchange allows users to field-swap their sound velocity sensors, essentially eliminating instrument down time.  Since that initial launch, they have added to our list of field-swappable sensors with P•Xchange, T•Xchange, C•Xchange, and Tu•Xchange.

Working in partnership with Ocean Networks Canada, AML Oceanographic field tested new UV•Xchange and Cabled UV products. In a controlled experiment with four ocean sensor instruments monitored by a video camera, the UV•Xchange bathed selected surfaces in ultraviolet light for twenty minutes out of every forty. The protected sensors remained clean and operated accurately, delivering real time data for over 15 months. Learn more.