ONC Staff Profile

Brian Kaltenberger

Marine Equipment Specialist, Marine Operations

Brian has over 15 years of field experience. He has designed and managed the installation of a variety of seismic and environmental monitoring well programs. He has substantial experience with the testing, configuration, calibration and installation of many field sensors, instruments and seismic equipment such as slope indicators, seismometers, piezometers, geophones, tilt meters and satellite & communications systems that are used for both land-based and oceanographic applications. Brian has gained most of his experience from the energy sector on projects run by major industry leaders such as Shell, CNRL, Syncrude, Suncor, Imperial Oil, ExxonMobil and Westmoreland to name a few.

Outside of work, Brian enjoys spending time boating through BC’s coastal playground or hiking & mountain biking with his family. When Brian isn’t running around the wilderness you can probably find him playing in his shop. He recently moved to Vancouver Island from Manitoba and plans to stay put until he’s old and grey.



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