Overview of the Brazil-Canada Partnership

Canada and Brazil are large maritime nations with long coastlines, robust marine economies and significant industrial activity offshore. Both countries also have abundant natural resources including major assets in their waters.

Both have growing networks in academia, research institutions, industry and government, and both are developing clusters of advanced marine technology companies. All these factors point to a strong foundation for an enhanced level of research and development collaboration.

In 2011 the two nations established the Canada-Brazil Ocean Technology Working Group, one of four bilateral strategic priority areas that report to a Joint Committee for Cooperation on Science, Technology and Innovation.

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Within the theme of Ocean Technology, Brazil and Canada are actively working together to foster bilateral collaboration in both the academic, industry and education sectors.

Centre Activities

With a growing economy, Brazil is keenly interested in establishing a Smart Ocean™ System, wherein science research systems will be tied to industry developments such as the major offshore oil and gas expansion program in the Santos Basin.

Currently, multiple partnerships, MOUs and projects are under development, with discussions proceeding with the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and Petrobras, the Brazilian national oil company.

The Centre is also assisting Brazil develop a national ocean observatory program, working with the University of Sao Paulo.



2013 (Jun)          Brazil-Canada Workshop #2 (Victoria)

2012 (Dec)         Ocean Technology Alliance of Canada (OTAC) Mission to Brazil

2012 (May)         Brazil-Canada Workshop #1 (Rio de Janeiro)



August 13, 2013: 2012: ONCCEE Review

June 11, 2013: Brazil-Canada Partnership Workshop

December 1, 2012: Ocean Technology Brazil Mission 2012

October 19, 2012: Ocean Trade Mission to Brazil Receives GOA Funding

August 22, 2012: ONCCEE Seeks Delegates For Ocean Technology Mission to Brazil


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