Activities and Outputs

While the Ship2Shore Marine Educator on board will have some discretion in his or her daily activities and outputs, they will be expected to perform several tasks during the cruise such as:

  • Writing daily blogs;
  • Initiating distance learning opportunities with science centres, teachers and students on shore;
  • Commenting live through online telepresence about the science and technology happening at sea;
  • Conducting interviews with the science team, engineers and ship's crew;
  • Participating in lab activities with the science team;
  • Assisting with and learning about marine technology and engineering;
  • Interacting with the ship’s crew (as allowed);
  • Supplying content for social media;
  • Supplying content for the Wiring the Abyss website;
  • Developing an educational resource (lesson plan, activity, project, comic etc);
  • Assisting in the refinement of the Ship2Shore Marine Science Educational Program; and
  • Writing a final evaluation report of their experience