K-12 Resources

Have fun with hands-on activities designed for K-12 students that can be easily facilitated by parents or teachers. The activities contain data and/or video footage from ONC observatories and aligns with the B.C. Curriculum Content. Click on the section below to view informational videos, do-at-home activities and/or lesson plans. Suggested grade ranges are indicated when the content was designed for a specific grade.

Climate Change

Ocean Networks Canada is available for a week of informative and fun activities to spark climate action for middle and high school students! Special presentations and climate contests will take place. Learn more about this opportunity by clicking the links below:

Arctic Science

Travel to the Canadian Arctic with us to learn more about arctic food webs, ice data, and the impact of global warming.

Ocean Literacy

Explore the ocean without getting wet! Have fun learning about the Seven Principles of Ocean Literacy through fun, hands-on activities utilizing materials around your home. These activities were developed in partnership with Girl Guides of Canada, so "girls", "Guiders", and the pronoun "she" are used extensively, however, these activities can be carried out by anyone!

Hydrothermal Vents

Underwater volcanoes? Extreme creatures that live more than 2000m below the ocean's surface in extreme temperatures and total darkness?! Explore hydrothermal vents with us!

Sounds in the Ocean

A hydrophone is a scientific instrument that records sounds in the ocean. You can hear amazing things underwater! Listen to whales and other sounds with us.

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