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Here are some ideas so that you can further engage with our #knowtheocean community. Become a citizen scientist by analyzing deep-sea videos using our Digital Fishers on-line game, or challenge yourself and learn how to search Ocean Networks Canada's wealth of ocean data and video archive.

NEW: Ocean Networks Canada Webinar Series

Our next talk is on  Wednesday, July 22 at 11am. 

Biogeochemical Argo, or BGC-Argo, is an emerging component of the global Argo float array, which is itself a component of the Global Ocean Observatory System. With nearly 4000 floats in operation at any one time, this global array has achieved unprecedented spatial and temporal coverage of ocean observations that support weather forecasts, climate models, and ocean research. Developments in sensor technology have led to the more sophisticated BGC-Argo floats that can measure biological and chemical variables and are useful for understanding how ocean ecosystems function and how they respond to external forcing such as climate change. This webinar will introduce the technology of BGC-Argo floats and outline the plans at Ocean Networks Canada to deploy floats in the NE Pacific in partnership with the Canadian BGC-Argo program..

Date Time Speaker Speaker Registration
June 10 11:00am PDT Maia Hoeberechts Northern Communities on the Front Lines of Ocean change  
June 24 11:00am PDT Martin Scherwath Powerful Earthquakes and Tsunamis — and How To Tackle Them Watch recording
July 8 11:00am PDT Dwight Owens Hot, Sour, Breathless: Oceans Under Stress Watch recording
July 22 11:00am PDT Joe Needoba Introduction to Argo Profiling Floats for Climate and Marine Ecosystem Research Watch recording
August 5 11:00am PDT Kate Moran Understanding Climate Change: Lessons from Deep Time Click here to register
August 19 11:00am PDT Richard Dewey Shipping Noise and Reductions During COVID-19 Click here to register

Fish ID Challenge

Are you familiar with fishes of the Pacific North West? Test your fish knowledge in this six minute video with multiple different fish species. Download the fish ID sheet and try to identify as many as you can. Site and depth have been included for each video snipped to aid in the identification process.

Data from the Deep

Enjoy a variety of video, imagery and sounds from the deep!

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