Ocean Sciences Meeting 2014

Ocean Networks Canada participated in the 17th biennial Ocean Sciences Meeting, co-sponsored by the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO), The Oceanography Society (TOS), and the American Geophysical Union (AGU). The meeting was held at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu from 23-28 February 2014. The Ocean Sciences Meeting is an important venue for scientific exchange across broad marine science disciplines. Sessions included all aspects of oceanography, especially multidisciplinary topics, as well as presentations that reflect new and emerging research on the global ocean and society, including science education, outreach and public policy.

Town Halls

Optimizing Data Return from the Ocean Observatories Initiative

An open forum town hall discussion on optimizing data from the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI). Discussion topics included sensor calibration procedures, sensor cross-calibration, data management approaches, and incremental approaches for data quality as we enter the operational phase of the project. A panel of program experts used examples of OOI data returned from initial deployments to illustrate data opportunities as well as data issues to address.
Monday, February 24, 6:30PM - 9:30 PM; Room 313B

Using Ocean Observatories in the NE Pacific to Advance Science 

A town hall discussion on how you can advance your specific scientific needs and research by utilizing data currently streaming from the Ocean Networks Canada ocean observatory and in the future when the Ocean Observatories Initiative become operational in 2015. Program experts from both organizations provided data demonstrations and were available to take questions during this town hall.
Wednesday 26 February, 12:45pm – 1:45pm Room 314 (boxed lunch provided)

Presentations of Interest

Leveraging Ocean Observatories And Web-Based Educational Tools For Sustained Undergraduate Research In Ocean Science
S. Glenn, et al., Session 132: Abstract #16565.
Mon., Feb. 24, 8:45am; Room 304 AB.

Power Up! Giving Undergraduates the Tools to Make it in the Ocean Science Workforce
Ellyn Davidson, et al., Presentation Session 132: Abstract #16905 
Mon 24 Feb, 11:15am  Room 304 AB

Impact of Wind, Tides, and River Flow on Circulation in the Fraser River Plume: The HF Radar Perspective
Mark Halverson, et al. Presentation Session 95: Abstract #13059  
Fri 28 Feb, 8:15am Rm 301AB

Posters of Interest
All poster sessions in Kamehameha Hall, 4-6 PM

Monday, 24 February 2014

Using Real-Time Data in Educational Resources to Bring Ocean Science to Students

David Lemon, et. al.,  Poster Session 105: Abstract #14465

The OOI Education And Public Engagement Team: Real-Time Ocean Data Coming Soon To An Undergraduate Classroom Near You 
M. Crowley, et al. Poster #1761.

Educational Visualization: Supporting Student Knowledge Development With Online Interactive Ocean Data Tools 
C. Lichtenwalner, et al. Poster #1763.

Developing Online Tools To Support The Visualization Of Ocean Data For Educational Applications 
M. Mills, et al. Poster #1767.

Developing A Range Of Ocean Acidification Learning Tools
O. Schofield, et al. Poster #1764.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

First Results from a Real-Time Cabled Observatory in the Canadian Arctic Ocean
Kim Juniper, et al. Poster Session 9: Abstract #17329 

Profiling Systems on Cabled Observatories: Experiences in the Northeast Pacific
Steve Mihaly Poster Session 71: Abstract #17988 

Small Critters Play a Big Role: Benthic Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning in Coastal Sedimentary Environments

Nurturing Enthusiasm in K-16 Students For Ocean Science and Tech Through Interdisciplinary Peer-2-Peer Mentoring

Redistribution o fthe Epibenthic, Soft-Bottom Assemblage in Shifting Hypoxic Conditions
Jackson Chu, et al., Poster Session 100: Abstract #13685  

High Spatial and Temporal Resolution Oxygen Measurments in the Strait of Georgia and Their Relationship to Primary Production
Chuning Wang, et. al.,  Poster Session 46:  Abstract #14626

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Implementation of Real-Time QAQC on a Cabled Observatory

Fortnightly Modulations in Tidal Mixing Acting As An In-shore/Off-shore Valve for Deep Water Nutrient Fluxes

Near Field and Far-Field Modeling of the 28 October 2012 Haida Gwaii Tsuanmi
Iaasac Fine, et. al.,  Poster Session 86: Abstract #17133 

Inter- and Intra-Annual Variability of Zooplankton Abundance in Saanich Inlet, British Columbia
Mei Sato, et al.  Poster Session 56: Abstract #17701

Venus Ocean Observatory Measurements of Benthic Oxygen and Heat Fluxes
Mark Sanders, et. al.  Poster Session 117: Abstract #16639  

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