BC Coastal Marine Sciences 2015: A Roadmap to 2020

There is a long history of marine scientific research in BC’s coastal waters. This research has been, and continues to be conducted by academic institutions, federal laboratories, and non-government organizations. Although much is known in certain areas, many regions have received little attention. Future economic development may expose many coastal ecosystems to new and unknown stressors. This workshop provided an opportunity to bring this community together to compile and share findings, identify knowledge gaps, promote newly installed and planned activities, coordinate observation efforts, and identify and plan for future research objectives. The target is to work towards a coordinated and collaborative research program for BC’s coastal seas out beyond 2020.

Scope: The workshop focused on the marine environments of coastal BC, from the Salish Sea to Dixon Entrance, including inlets and estuaries, and shelf seas out to the continental margin. Any group or organization with active or planned research programs in the coastal marine environmentis was encouraged to participate. The “marine science” focus includes habitat, fisheries, marine mammals, ecosystems, physical dynamics, and biogeochemistry.

When: February 16 & 17, 2015

Where: Victoria, BC (Victoria Marriott Inner Harbour)

Report: The final report is now available: BC Coastal Marine Science 2015 Workshop.

Objectives and Goals

  • Provide a venue for the coastal marine research community to gather and review research programs along the BC coast and in the Salish Sea,
  • Identify gaps in our knowledge, programs and capabilities,
  • Develop a strategy for coordinated coastal seas research in BC coastal seas though 2020.

Participants: This workshop will be as inclusive and as open as reasonably possible. Initial participation is expected from Ocean Networks Canada (facilitator), Vancouver Aquarium (CORI), Pacific Salmon Foundation, University of British Columbia, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Hakai Institute, and possibly science representatives from Coastal First Nations.

Agenda: Click here for the latest AGENDA. The workshop will include opportunities for:

  • Each organization to present their active coastal seas research activities,
  • Review both knowledge and gaps of understanding of British Columbia coastal marine environments
  • Presentation of planned initiatives to expand and enhance current efforts and facilities,
  • Reviewing various modelling efforts, expectations, and initial outcomes,
  • Identifying opportunities for coordinated and collaborative programs to achieve the broadest scientific goals and outcomes.
  • Discuss coordinated regional and/or process specific studies for the 2015-2020 period.
  • Developing a “roadmap” for coordinated Coastal Seas Research Initiatives for 2015-2020

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For further information, contact Richard Dewey, the Associate Director, Science Services.