ONC-INDEEP Partnership Development Workshop

INDEEP - Ocean Networks Canada logos with a deep-sea anemone.

Ocean Networks Canada - INDEEP Partnership Development Workshop (23-25 April 2014)

Workshop Goals & Objectives

This workshop will examine current and future technological infrastructure available at Ocean Networks Canada's cabled observatories (focusing on the NE Pacific NEPTUNE Observatory) for cutting-edge deep-sea research. The overall goal is also to strengthen research collaborations and foster partnerships between INDEEP researchers and Ocean Networks Canada.

Specific Goals

  1. Introduce NEPTUNE Observatory infrastructure to the INDEEP research community.
  2. Present Ocean Networks Canada's current research themes.
  3. Learn about INDEEP’s research goals and current initiatives - from 4 Working Groups. How can Ocean Networks Canada's infrastructure help INDEEP achieve its research goals?
  4. Discuss ship and Remotely Operated Veehicle (ROV) funding options for sampling and experimental deployments at NEPTUNE observatory sites.
  5. Plan possible integration of databases and educational/outreach initiatives. 

Venue and Campus Maps

Large-sized maps for the whole University of Victoria Campus and for David Turpin Building are included below. The University of Victoria campus is distributed around Ring Road. All department and administrative buildings, libraries, sports facilities, student centre and housing are located within and surrounding Ring Road, with extensive adjacent green areas (photo). We will organize picnic lunches every day in a different area of the campus, weather permitting.

Aerial view of the University of Victoria campus.