Saanich Inlet 2016 Symposium: Ten Years of Observatory Science


11-12 February 2016 | University of Victoria

In early February 2016, the VENUS Saanich Inlet cabled observatory celebrated ten years of continuous operation in supporting international coastal marine science.

To mark this occasion, Ocean Networks Canada hosted a two-day Symposium (11-12 February 2016) at the University of Victoria (Bob Wright Centre) for the community to present past accomplishments, report on the latest results from active research, and develop future observation plans and studies in this dynamic fjord.

Symposium Agenda

Symposium Themes

  • Microbial Processes and Biogeochemistry
  • Benthic Processes
  • Plankton Dynamics
  • Chemical/Physical Processes


Microbial Processes and Biogeochemistry

Presentation poster frame Steve Hallam (University of British Columbia)
Saanich Inlet is a model ecosystem: Exploring microbial community structure and function in the oxygen starved ocean
Monica Torres-Beltran title slide Monica Torres-Beltran (University of British Columbia)
Exploring microbial controls on methane cycling in Saanich Inlet (29 mb pdf)
Presentation title page Celine Michiels (University of British Columbia)
N-cycle dynamics in stratified low oxygen fjord (Saanich inlet, BC)
Hawley presentation title page Alyse Hawley (University of British Columbia)
Co-metabolic strategies of Marine group A along ecothermodynamic gradients
Crowe presentation title slide Sean Crowe (University of British Columbia)
Linking microbiology to geochemistry in Saanich Inlet
Simister Presentation Title Page Rachel Simister (University of British Columbia)
Investigating biogeochemical processes in Saanich Inlet sediments  

Benthic Processes

Presentation poster frame Verena Tunnicliffe (University of Victoria)
Down in the mud: Benthic process and time-series studies in Saanich Inlet
Presentation poster frame Jackson Chu (University of Victoria)
Influence of seasonally variable hypoxia on epibenthic communities (2 mb pdf)
Presentation poster frame Paul Snelgrove (Memorial University)
Biodiversity & ecosystem functioning in Saanich Inlet sediments (16 mb pdf)
Presentation poster frame

Gail Anderson (Simon Fraser University)
The fate of a body in the Saanich Inlet, a taphonomic study of marine decomposition (35 mb pdf)

Presentation poster frame Yvonne Sawall (GEOMAR)
Assessing the effect of hypoxia on organisms and communities using in situ incubation chambers ( 4.5 mb pdf)
Presentation poster frame

Fabio De Leo (Ocean Networks Canada)
Past, present and future of seafloor imaging systems in Saanich Inlet (1.7 mb optimized pdf)

Data & Data Visualization

Presentation poster frame

Akash Sastri  (Ocean Networks Canada)
A 10 year time series of core data from the Saanich Inlet instrument platform (1mb pdf)

Presentation poster frame

Dwight Owens  (Ocean Networks Canada)
Oceans 2.0: Accessing data from Saanich Inlet (14.5 mb pdf)

Plankton Dynamics

Presentation poster frame Mei Sato (Oregon State University)
More than up and down: insights into zooplankton phenology through long-term acoustic monitoring
Presentation poster frame Karyn Suchy (University of Victoria)
Influence of interannual variations in crustacean zooplankton productivity on trophic transfer efficiency
Presentation poster frame Curtis Martin (University of Victoria)
Phytoplankton assemblage dynamics and elemental cycling in Saanich Inlet
Whitney presentation opening screen​​

Frank Whitney 
The BLOB, or Did the recent warm anomaly enter Saanich? (3 mb pdf)

Presentation poster frame

Steve Mihály (Ocean Networks Canada)
Time series water column measurements in Saanich Inlet: The Saanich Inlet buoy profiling system (36 mb pdf)

Chemical/Physical Processes

Presentation poster frame Roberta Hamme (University of Victoria)
Interaction of nitrogen cycling and water mass renewal in Saanich Inlet and the 2016-17 Saanich Inlet Redox Experiment (20 mb pdf)
Presentation poster frame Damian Grundle (GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Marine Researc, Kiel)
The use of low oxygen 'natural laboratories' for understanding future marine nitrous oxide conditions
Presentation poster frame David Capelle (University of British Columbia)
Nitrous-oxide variability in Saanich Inlet: 2007-2014 (4 mb pdf)
Presentation poster frame Richard Dewey (Ocean Networks Canada)
Physical processes in Saanich Inlet (4.3 mb pdf)