Science Plan

Ocean Networks Canada’s Science Plan forms the basis for the recently updated Strategic Plan.  The first part of the Strategic Plan describes the observatories’ backgrounds and infrastructures, as well as how scientific results will contribute to public policy issues. Another section provides scientific highlights from the first years of output from the observatories.

A major portion of the new Strategic Plan document relates to the Science Plan (see pages 13 to 26), which describes Ocean Networks Canada's scientific themes and presents priority questions, both active and moving forward. The four broad themes are:

The final sections of the Strategic plan describe Ocean Networks Canada’s innovation efforts and strategies for growing its user community.

In addition, each of the science themes has an appointed theme leader, a scientist of the engaged research comminuty with a prominent interest in the respective experiments in the particular science theme. The four theme leaders are:

  • Jim (James) Christian, Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis, University of Victoria – Theme leader for Understanding Human-Induced Change in the Northeast Pacific Ocean
  • Jacopo Aguzzi, Institut de Ciénces del Mar, Barcelona – Theme leader for Life in the Environments of the Northeast Pacific Ocean and Salish Sea
  • Laurence Coogan, University of Victoria – Theme leader for Interconnections Among the Seafloor, Ocean, and Atmosphere
  • Pere Puig, Institut de Ciénces del Mar – Theme leader for Seafloor and Sediment in Motion