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Learn about the pioneers and innovators behind the creation and vision of Canada’s national ocean observatory.

Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) is a world-leading research and ocean observing facility hosted and owned by the University of Victoria, and managed by the not-for profit ONC Society. ONC operates unparalleled observatories in the deep ocean and coastal waters of Canada’s three coasts–the Arctic, the Pacific and the Atlantic–gathering biological, chemical, geological and physical data to drive solutions for science, industry and society.

ONC’s observatories collect data via cabled, mobile and community networks. Our infrastructure supplies Internet connectivity to thousands of subsea instruments up to 300 kilometres offshore, to depths of 2,660 metres. Sensor data are also captured on ferries, gliders, fixed buoys and moorings, and from coastal installations hosting radar, ship traffic sensors, weather stations and onshore cameras. ONC’s national coastal community observatory program, developed in collaboration with Indigenous communities and other partners, supports coastal monitoring, school programs, ocean citizen science and youth training.

Data that drives innovation

ONC enables advances in marine safety and many disciplines including high energy particle physics, forensics, material sciences, oceanography, seismic resilience, and climate change impacts and solutions.

ONC’s sophisticated data management system, Oceans 3.0, is recognized by the International Council for Science as a World Data System, providing data 24/7 from a vast array of sensors and instruments. These live data, and archives, are open-source, interoperable and accessible to more than 32,000 global users.

Ocean Intelligence

Ocean intelligence is the bridge that connects data and knowledge to action and change. It is derived from diverse sources and ways of knowing, including the natural and social sciences, observations and modelling, the arts and from Indigenous knowledge attained over generations. In-depth knowledge of the ocean is the foundation of ocean intelligence. ONC applies this knowledge, guided by our values, to make responsible decisions and advance policy for a healthy ocean and a resilient planet.

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