Digital Infrastructure
Reliable, seamless, real-time data transfer and advanced data management solutions.

ONC’s digital infrastructure brings ocean data to the surface for science, society and industry. Shore stations and data transfer channels support our physical infrastructure by connecting cabled deep sea, coastal and land-based instruments to our world-leading data management portal Oceans 3.0. This sophisticated infrastructure ensures effective and reliable communication and connectivity, enabling real-time access to our free, open data.

In 2021 ONC endorsed a new set of best practices for digital data repositories. These TRUST Principles (Transparency, Responsibility, User focus, Sustainability and Technology) provide a common framework to facilitate discussion and implementation of best practices for digital repositories by all stakeholders.

The Observatory Digital Operations division brings together the key digital and data focused teams at ONC to ensure that well described, quality data continues to flow and is made available to all users in a timely way and through suitable platforms and formats. The teams focus both on real-time data and the ever-growing archive of data available through the Oceans 3.0 data portal. Teams of highly skilled scientists, engineers, analysts, software developers and data management specialists make it possible. The Observatory Digital Operations teams include Observatory Systems, Data Stewardship, Data Analytics and Quality and Software Engineering.

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