Science for public good: new World Data System International Technology Office opens at University of Victoria
Understanding human-induced change in the Northeast Pacific Ocean
Life in the environments of the Northeast Pacific Ocean and Salish Sea
Interconnections Among the Seafloor, Ocean, and Atmosphere
Seafloor and Sediment in Motion

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Tom Dakin

Ocean acoustics and sensor technology

Fabio De Leo

Benthic ecosystems, biodiversity and ecosystem function

Richard Dewey

Coastal oceanography

Joseph Farrugia

Marine geophysics, seismology and tectonics

Lu Guan

Biogeochemistry and marine ecology

Martin Heesemann

Plate tectonics and earthquake dynamics

Kristen Kanes

Passive ocean acoustics and marine mammalogy

Steve Mihály

Ocean/climate dynamics and effects on marine biota

Akash Sastri

Plankton dynamics and biogeochemistry

Martin Scherwath

Gas hydrates and seabed fluid dynamics

Manman Wang

Physical oceanography and coastal dynamics