Technology Accelerations & Demos
ONC works with ocean technology companies to support innovative product design and testing.

We work with both academia and industry to assist with the design and testing of innovative ocean technology to help expedite entry to the marketplace, with over 40 commercial technology demonstrations completed so far.

ONC infrastructure offers the ability to communicate with devices in real-time, both for data retrieval and command and control purposes. This makes it an ideal choice for testing new devices or monitoring experiments. ONC can also provide persistent monitoring and cross correlation using existing in-situ instruments, including video cameras.

Resulting data from technology demos can be made publicly accessible, allowing ocean technology companies to showcase the real-time functioning of their devices to a potentially global audience.

Test Services

A broad range of test environments are available, including:

  • Controlled environment test tank
  • Shallow coastal, deep canyons, abyssal plains, subduction zone, spreading ridge
  • Arctic
  • Polymetallic sulphide deposit fields
  • Methane hydrate fields
  • CO₂ sequestration sites
  • Various fishery ecosystems (coastal/deep)
  • Hydrothermal vents

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