Live Video

Barkley Canyon Mid-East


Camera is on every 2 hours on the hour

Barkley Upper Slope


This camera runs every 2 hours on the hour. First it looks at whale bones for 4 min, then looks into the water column for 30 seconds with lasers on and then with lasers off for 15 seconds

Main Endeavour Field


Camera runs every 4 hours from 2:00 UTC to 22:00 UTC for 20 min

Barkley Canyon Axis


Camera is on for five minutes every 2 hours

The following links take you to Community Observatory cameras:

Kitamaat Village Underwater Platform
Campbell River Underwater Platform
Cambridge Bay

Lights Schedule for Seafloor Cameras

Events are in UTC time zone. Schedule is approximate and subject to change.
How do I convert UTC to local time?