Ocean Observatory Council
The Ocean Observatory Council includes working groups that represent the interests of major ONC science users.

The Ocean Observatory Council represents the interests of major ONC science users, made up of members and working groups focused on observatory topics and locations.

Council Membership

The Ocean Observatory Council includes members representing inshore and offshore research sectors, and representatives from ONC’s two major government partners: Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Natural Resources Canada.

Benjamin Tutolo
Chair, Ocean Observatory Council; Associate Professor, Department of Geoscience, University of Calgary

Interests: Geochemistry, Chemical Sedimentology, Marine Chemistry

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Kristina Brown
Assistant Professor, Department of Environment and Geography, Centre for Earth Observation Science, University of Manitoba

Interests: Biogeochemistry, River-Ocean-Coastal Connections, Arctic Ocean, Community-Based Observing

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Eddy Carmack
Emeritus Senior Research Scientist, Oceanography, Institute of Ocean Sciences

Interests: Physical oceanography, arctic oceanography

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Philip Hill
Emeritus Research Scientist, Sedimentology, Geological Survey of Canada

Interests: Marine Spatial Planning, Earthquake Risk Assessment

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John Jamieson
Assistant Professor, Earth Sciences, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador

Interests: Hydrothermal systems, volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits, seafloor massive sulfide formation, geochemistry

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Oliver Kirsebom
Lead Data Scientist, Open Ocean Robotics; Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University

Interests: Data science, machine learning, underwater acoustics, marine robotics, (astrophysics, nuclear physics)

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Sally Leys
Professor, Biological Sciences, University of Alberta

Interests: Evolutionary biological oceanography, in particular the evolution of the first metazoan body plans

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Katleen Robert
Assistant Professor, Marine Institute, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador

Interests: Seafloor and habitat mapping, ocean characterization, spatial ecology, acoustic surveying, image analysis, photogrammetry and ocean technology

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Tetjana Ross
Research Scientist, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Interests: Ocean observation using autonomous vehicles like ocean floats and gliders, bio-physical interactions

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Terre Satterfield
Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, University of British Columbia

Interests: Sustainable development in the context of debates about cultural meanings, environmental values, perceived risk, environmental and ecosystem health

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Svein Vagle
Senior Scientist, Ocean Sciences Division, Institute of Ocean Sciences

Interests: Passive and active ocean acoustics, soundscapes, upper ocean processes

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