Marine Domain Awareness Program
Real-time vessel traffic information from AIS worldwide vessel tracking system.

The Marine Domain Awareness system provides real-time vessel traffic information using AIS (Automatic Identification System), a worldwide vessel tracking system that utilizes ship-based transceivers.

The International Maritime Organization requires AIS to be fitted aboard international voyaging ships (>300 gross tonnages), and all passenger ships regardless of size. AIS information includes identification of vessels, ship type, position, heading, speed, and destinations. The data can be utilized by coastal communities to better understand the use of waterways and the resulting impact on marine environments. Paired with ONC’s long-term datasets from our underwater hydrophone systems, these data enable informed decision-making.

We provide access to the national AIS database as well as vessel traffic analysis services, introductory training and plan design support to help users make the most of hydrophone data.

AIS data can be downloaded in two formats: Cleaned data made available through third-party software called ‘SiiTech’, or raw NMEA files available through ONC’s Oceans 3.0 data portal.

Vessel traffic data request form

If you would like our support in understanding vessel traffic, please fill out a vessel traffic data request form and email the completed form to

Vessel traffic data request form
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